All You Need to Know About Respite Care for Children

Respite Care provides the parents with occasional breaks by offering professional caregiver services to their children with special needs. A respite care service offers the opportunity for the parents to take a break and relieve some stress while children are safe at home with the supervision of an adult. 

Children who have complex needs demands special care. And that is why a professional caregiver is a perfect option for taking care of your child. Many organizations provide overnight and weekend respite care for children

Rabboni Support Services is an AlbertaCA-based organization that provides respite care for children with disability, cultural support, and home care services with the promise of proper care and nourishment for your loved ones while they are in our care. 

A caregiver can benefit a lot from occasional breaks as it can help them take care of their physical and mental health without the worries of the wellbeing of their loved ones. 

How is respite care different for children?

Children with special needs often demand extreme care, and parents often feel overwhelmed while taking care of a child who needs full attention and ensuring that their other children are taken care of. 

Respite care is a little different for children as compared to adults. The caregiver must make sure that they are getting proper attention while their emotional needs are being met. 

A caregiver should know how to help the child with their development needs with appropriate activities and games. In an emergency, the professional caregiver should know how to take the proper protocol.

A caregiver can face multiple behavioral challenges with some children. It is not an easy job to take care of a child with intellectual disabilities. In Calgary, you can get overnight respite care for adults and kids from “Rabboni Support Services” AB

Why is it essential to have Respite Care at Home for Children?

Children with special needs may respond different environments differently. You need to ensure whether your child is comfortable at home-based respite care or community support-based respite care. 

Meanwhile, it is a better option for a parent with other children to get respite care occasionally to pay equal attention to all their children.

On the other hand, it might be challenging for a parent to pack all necessary stuff for their child in a bag. A child with special needs can be particularly challenging and might get better care by staying at home in their usual environment. 


  • Community Support Services
  • Behavioral and Developmental Support
  • Group Programs -twice a week-Music Therapy and Craft nights
  • Summer Camps
  • Specialized Services for Children with Severe Disabilities
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural Support


  • Listening to music, dancing, singing, playing with sensory toys, crafts, coloring, Lego, puzzles and more.


  • Visiting leisure centers for games, library, playground activities, zoo, bowling, walking, swimming, etc.